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MATLAB is a tool to help with numerical computation and visualization. It is available for download on your computer and can be used to help you with mathematic problems. The best way to learn how to use MATLAB is by going through it, but you may need help in the beginning. MATLAB is matrix based and easy to pick up with a little time dedicated.

MATLAB provides many useful functions when working with matrixes. The following are a few of those functions.
• A’ – transpose of matrix A
• dat(A) – determinant of A
• eig(A) – eigenvalues and eigenvectors
• inv(A) – inverse of A
You can see how learning to use formulas like this can help you with your equations. MATLAB can be used if you need to evaluate large amounts of data acquired by computers, psychophysical experiments, create graphs from large amounts of data, and help make data evaluations easier overall.
Our services will help you learn the basics of MATLAB as well as helping you to understand the different ways you can use it to benefit your work.

• Licensing your MATLAB and activating your product.
• Learning the basics of the software.
• Learning the language of the software.
• Run through examples with you to help you learn
• Figuring out the uses of the different types of software
• Helpful tips and tricks to make using it easier
• Troubleshooting issues you might have

MATLAB is a complicated program without the right guidance. Let us help you learn the ins and outs so you can easily conquer using it.